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The 24 Hour Diet Book by Brian Peskin
The 24 Hour Diet by Brian Peskin
The 24 Hour Diet by Brian Peskin
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The 24-Hour Diet

Filled with science-based, medical report-quality facts & information plus a FREE companion CD. This hardcover book will change your life!

OBESITY is the SADDEST WORD in the English language. We are told that obesity is “in our genes” and that aside from starving or working out in the gym every day there is nothing else you can do to avoid it. A worldwide plague with no end in sight. Decades ago, the world’s leading medical textbooks and medical journals pointed to the prime cause of obesity, but no one knew how to make use of this remarkable information until now.

The prime cause of obesity has little to do with current weight loss recommendations such as: eating more fruits and vegetables, denying yourself delicious meats, making exercise a “second job,” making your home “fat-free,” counting every calorie, and so-called “healthy eating.”

Prof. Peskin* has spent years in painstaking, meticulous, scientific research, utilizing the most current, up-to-date science as found in the leading medical textbooks. After years of exhaustive scientific research, obesity has now been completely demystified. You will learn HOW TO STOP obesity’s prime cause cold in its tracks. Obesity no longer has to be in yours or your loved one’s futures.

With The 24-Hour-Diet™ your daily choice becomes:

** Lose weight or maintain your current weight.**
Yesterday’s indulgences have no effect on today’s success.
It’s your choice and it’s easy!

Utilizing Brian’s unique insight and ability to “connect the dots”…

What You'll Discover in The 24-Hour Diet:

• Why obesity is not genetic.
• How misguided attempts at “healthy eating” cause obesity & exhaustion.
• Why more exercise is not the answer.
• Why low glycemic index (GI) foods are NOT “the answer.”
• What you really need to know about calories. There is much more to weight loss than simply: “Calories in” minus “Calories burned” = weight gain.”
• Find the secret that eluded Dr. Atkins and other diet doctors.
• Uncover why fiber is worthless for weight loss and can actually harm you.
• Eating more than 3 meals a day leads to obesity and diabetes.

Food Processors Keep You Hungry:

That’s right. They get rich, you get fat. Defeat them with this simple solution.
Turn off the hunger switch without drugs!
Feel the power of boundless energy every day!

It will be your choice to lose weight or maintain your weight during each 24-hour period.
Each day starts with you in charge.

With this book’s SIMPLE 5-STEP PROGRAM, you’ll discover how to stay lean-for-life & energized WITHOUT calorie counting, starvation, or endless exercise.

As a result of Prof. Peskin’s exhaustive research, the prime cause of obesity is revealed and the inexpensive, simple solution given. Physicians around the world rely on his insights and conclusions concerning obesity and other health issues.

THE 24-HOUR–DIET™ presents science never before available to the general public. Brian has been called “the most insightful quantum nutritionist of our age.” To many, Brian is THE MOST TRUSTED AUTHORITY ON HEALTH AND NUTRITION IN THE WORLD.

Renowned Physician's Testimonials:

“I am delighted to come across scientific work which is not only of excellent quality, but can easily be applied. Your program has filled in the blanks. I have seen for myself remarkable results with the Peskin Protocol and PEOs.” Carolyn Berry, M.D. (Ireland)

“Amazing isn’t the word for it. Finally, a program my patients can follow. The science-validated principals give you control.” David Sim, M.D. (Interventional Cardiologist)

“Best of all, the solution is easily applied by anyone, anywhere, and it works immediately!”
Brian Vonk, M.D. (Board certified: Internist, Cardiologist, & Radiologist)

“As an endocrinologist specializing in diabetes, I am delighted to see this program. Finally, my patients can see what is making them overweight, based on science–not opinion. Prof. Peskin’s program can be followed by even my most carbohydrate-addicted patients. This program offers an amazing solution to the obesity epidemic.” Amid Habib, M.D., Endocrinologist (Diabetes Specialist)

Reader's Testimonials:

“We went to my neighbor’s house last night for dessert. It was the best feeling to be able to sit around her table and talk—with the desserts right under my nose—and not have the desire to eat them! Your program works.” Jill Kostrinsky

“I’m a judge and I’m used to weighing evidence, so I’m convinced your program and the science behind it are correct. The evidence that you are right is certainly more than preponderance, even more than clear and convincing!” Judge Mark Lambert

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