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Fungus Link: An Introduction to Fungal Disease Book (Vol 1 New Edition) by Doug Kaufmann
Fungus Llink
Fungus Link Volume 1
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Fungus Link 1 Details In this book, you will read practical information about what fungal illness is, how common a health problem it is, how to recognize it by its symptoms, and how to eradicate it from the body. The testimonials presented give strong support to the seriousness and frequency of fungal illness as a human health problem. I, too, have seen in my own practice fungi representing the primary underlying cause of diverse health conditions including chronic fatigue syndrome, crippling arthritis, severe intestinal disorders, chronic allergies, chronic respiratory illness, �brain fog� syndrome, depression, and chronic skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, pruritic dermatitis). The sections written by other health professionals prove that fungal illness is being recognized by more and more doctors for its serious impact on human health. -Wm Lee Cowden, M.D.

Chapter 1
Fungi and Your Health
A doctor�s introduction to nutrition and fungi
Roby Mitchell, Ph.D., M.D.

What the experts say about fungal disease
Doug A. Kaufmann

Chapter 2
Fungi and Arthritis
Arthritis: the fungus connection
David A. Holland, M.D.

Testimonial: Healthy days are here again!
Debbie O., Dallas, Texas

Chapter 3
Fungi and Digestion
Intestinal disorders and fungi
Doug A. Kaufmann

�Mycotoxins� � Fungal byproducts found in food
Patrick Kwan, M.Sc.

Inflammatory bowel disease and fungi
Dr. David Holland

Intestinal fungi and the diseases they mimic
Doug A. Kaufmann

Testimonial: A personal story of healing
F. G., Fort Worth, Texas
Testimonial: Treating an �incurable� disease
Russ J.

Chapter 4
Fungi and Respiration 69
Respiratory disorders and fungi
Doug A. Kaufmann

Is it asthma, or is it fungi?
Doug A. Kaufmann

How and why �asthmaphobia� was created
Doug A. Kaufmann

Testimonial: A personal story of healing
MFE, Plano, Texas

Chapter 5
Fungi and Mental Health
The link between fungi and brain disorders
Doug A. Kaufmann

Diet, dimorphic fungi and depression
Doug A. Kaufmann

The fungal link to depression
David A. Holland, M. D.

Inflammatory bowel disease and fungi David A. Holland, M.D.
Table of Contents
Bygone days: A depression treatment that worked
Doug A. Kaufmann
Food, fungi and the forlorn patient
Milt Gearing, Ph.D.
Testimonial: Pain, depression and fungi
H. H., Dallas, Texas

Chapter 6
Fungi and Dermatology 123
Skin disorders and fungi
Doug A. Kaufmann
The science of skin fungus
David A. Holland, M.D.
The Kaufmann challenge
Doug A. Kaufmann

Chapter 7
Fungi and Heart Health 141
The heart of the matter ... is it fungi?
Doug A. Kaufmann
The heart of fungi
David A. Holland, M.D.

Why I can�t sleep late Saturday mornings
Nathan L. Lipton, M.D.
Heart Disease and Diet
Doug A. Kaufmann

Chapter 8
Fungi and Allergies 161
The fungal link to allergies
Doug A. Kaufmann

The cause behind many allergies
David A. Holland, M.D.

What I�d do if I had allergies
Doug A. Kaufmann

Chapter 9
Fungi and Women�s Health 179
Women�s yeast-related health problems
Doug A. Kaufmann

Women and fungi � far from the ideal date
David A. Holland, M.D.

Maintaining the delicate balance
C. R. Mabray, M.D.

Chapter 10
Fungi and Pain
Fungi�s ability to cause pain
Doug A. Kaufmann

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
David A. Holland, M.D.

Table of Contents
Craniosacral Manipulation Therapy:
What to do if your pain fails to respond
to antifungal treatments or a change in diet
Richard Becker, D.O.

Doug A. Kaufmann

Chapter 11
Doug Kaufmann�s Antifungal Program includes the Initial Phase and InterPhase Diets
Appendices FAQs
Your Fungal Quotient
A week of sample menus
Recipes for the Initial Phase and InterPhase diets

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